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IPhone users, on average, change the smartphone once in 2 years

Smartphones iPhone owners often change their mobile device. This is stated in the report of the analytical company Gallop.

On average, 51% of iPhone users are going to shop for a new model within two years. It is much more frequent than in the case of owners of smartphones with Android operating system. Period update the device iPhone users largely depends on the contract with the cellular operator, as the owners of “Apple” devices are actively using the option of buying subsidized gadgets.

As for the owners of devices on Android, only 40% of people update their device within two years. Users of the phones of other brands, the average is only 21%.

Only in case of failure of your mobile device I agree to change 47% of iPhone users and 58% of owners of Android-devices. Owners of other phones this figure is 76%.

This statistic reflects the preferences of American smartphone users, in our country it might be different. For example, the commitment of customers to more budgetary decisions directly hints at that and change the device they are rarer.

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