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IPhone users in the U.S. complain of a “blue screen of death”

At the time Apple allowed himself to laugh at the “blue screen of death” (BSOD) that appear in Windows in the case of critical errors. As it turned out, his version of BSOD and have on the iPhone.

Subscribers to the American operator T-Mobile complain that their smartphones suddenly reboot, tentatively showing blue screen of death. The existence of errors have already confirmed many thematic resources. The problem is the owners of iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 8.

“Use an iPhone for several years, and today it happened. The smartphone showed the blue screen of death, and then rebooted. So far everything is fine. But from a friend for today it happened twice already!”, — stated in the message of the user.

“Hi all. This morning the iPhone 6 (bought 4 months ago) started to reboot every 20-30 minutes. I was at work, and the majority of the time he just lay in his pocket. I decided to write about it to his girlfriend, but the screen suddenly lit up with blue and after a couple seconds the phone rebooted” — describes the symptoms of another user put a photo of an iPhone with a BSOD.

According to eyewitnesses, Apple support no ready solution. Users suggest that you reset your iPhone or re-install the latest firmware via iTunes. For some users it helped, others speak about the ongoing “glitch”. On the Apple forum have suggested that emergency reset started after the client update Facebook.

It is worth noting that the problem of “blue screen” are not only familiar to Americans. Russian users of the beta version of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 beta inform the Network about such failures.

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