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IPhone users have started receiving “letters from nowhere”, which cannot be removed from the device

No sooner had Apple fix a crash related to the date 1 January 1970, as users began to report about another mysterious error. The latter, however, no danger for iPhone and iPad is not.

Owners of iOS devices began to receive strange emails dated 1 January 1970. The se messages do not contain any information, they are not given the name of the artist nor the subject. Strange not only that such letters appear in the mailbox, but the fact that they cannot be removed from the device.

The only thing that indicated these letters familiar to iOS users date. The majority of those mysterious shipments state that recently changed time zone. Users screenshots of lead standard Apple mail client. See letter dated 1 January 1970, in third-party applications, is still unknown.

According to readers of the resource Reddit, Apple’s mail server is unable to read correctly the message headers that do not specify the date of departure (or with a wrong time zone), as a result, the iPhone and iPad owners see them as a blank email message dated 1 Jan 1970 or 31 Dec 1969.

Users that received “letters from nowhere”, do not panic: they will not harm the device or the operating system. To get rid of them is very simple. Enough to force reload the gadget by pressing and holding the power button and home button. As soon as the Apple logo, the buttons need to be released. This will save the iPhone from the strange of correspondence and prevent its re-occurrence.

Probably Apple will fix this bug in a future iOS versions, but until then will have to restart the gadget. The company does not comment on the appearance of the mysterious letters.

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