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IPhone users choose the car with support CarPlay

Since the launch of CarPlay, it’s been three years, and more and more car manufacturers are implementing it in their cars. Experts from Strategy Analytics conducted a survey and found the level of interest of users in the system Apple for cars.

According to the study, it became known that 23% of owners of smartphones Apple in the United States consider it necessary to support CarPlay. 56% of respondents said that the system only interested in. Another 21% said that CarPlay does not need them.

Representatives of Strategy Analytics was surprised by the statistics in other countries and regions. For example, in China 36% of users said they would buy a new car only if it works with CarPlay. In Europe the number of users amounted to 25%.

Potential buyers said they were not ready to buy a car with support CarPlay, if the price is too high.

Previously, many experts have noted that the proliferation of iOS for cars is too slow. Now there is a marked increase in its popularity. A number of automakers already offer CarPlay as an option by default in all new models. And at Ford, for example, went further and released a software upgrade for existing machines.

CarPlay is a system Apple, which allows you to connect your iPhone to the multimedia system of the car and to integrate part of the functions of iOS in the car. It was unveiled at the WWDC conference in 2013 called iOS in the Car.

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