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IPhone users call the best app to replace the standard iOS

Apple is famous for the optimization of the software in accordance with the requirements of the hardware. However, not always these same programs, or applications, convenient and efficient, and therefore little dema nd among users. To the rescue comes the App Store in the Arsenal of which there are hundreds of thousands of applications for every taste. Here you will find everything from free flashlight, the need for which has long disappeared, to serious audio and video editing software for a few thousand.

A Reddit user under the nickname Alimoose organized a survey: “What are the standard apps you substituted analogues?” After analyzing hundreds of responses, MacDigger offers to your attention a selection of the best proposals.


Here voices were divided into those who are delighted with the built-in Apple maps, and those who like competing products. In a landslide win for Google Maps, which Apple at the time, proudly refused. The second and the third places are occupied by the free Waze and Citymapper. Although the author strongly recommends to try, you will like it.


Stock “the weather Bureau” was fixed in the latest updates and even became quite “thanks mark…”, but still rustic. For lovers of beautiful and convenient user interface with detailed forecasts there is not available in Russian App Store Dark Sky at a price of $3.99. The finalists for this time to be similar in value to the Carrot app Weather free Weather Underground. The Board of author: use Yahoo Weather – there’s no need of such spending.

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Many users without any pretensions settle for a stock program, but Reddit readers believe otherwise. First place in the rating took Pocket Casts value of 219 rubles, followed with a small margin to be Downcast, estimated at 169 wooden forever. The last place of the top is Overcast, permanent being distributed for free.


If you are a forgetful person or just your pedantry requires every minute notes, use Evernote – it respondents gave first place. SimpleNote and OneNote was no worse and no less popular.


Surely you are not satisfied with the standard mail client. Fine, but what do you choose? Respondents prefer, in descending order, MailBox, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook. All three are absolutely free.


Used to build far-reaching plans, and your working life painted for the year ahead? Choose one of three calendars: Sunrise Calendar, Fantastical 2 (only paid from the client presents) and Google Calendar.

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