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IPhone users are waiting for the jubilee flagship Apple more than the iPhone 7 last year

Future flagship Apple smartphone will overtake the popularity of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Such a conclusion can be drawn based on the results of the survey and analysis company Loup Ventures, conducted among 500 owners of smartphones in the United States.

The objective of the conducted research was to find out whether the hypothetical iPhone 8 popular last year’s model. The survey involved more than 500 Americans, among whom were 234 iPhone owner. 23% of them expressed their intention to change their smartphone to “eight”.

According to leading analyst Loup Ventures Gene Munster, the iPhone 8 will be more popular than the current Apple flagship at least in the United States. Last year a similar survey found that only 15% of the audience interested in the iPhone 7.

According to analysts, in 2018 Apple will increase iPhone sales by 5 to 10%. Many users who have not purchased the iPhone 7 may be interested in the iPhone 8.

It is worth noting that last year the study was conducted in July – several months before the announcement of the iPhone 7. Now until the launch of the iPhone 8 is not less than six months, and if the rumors are confirmed, the radical Apple’s new flagship may come with a delay at the end of the year.

The interest of the potential buyers may both increase and decrease. It all depends on the new leaks that have appeared during this time.

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