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IPhone user told why he passed on the Galaxy S6 edge “and not coming back”

Samsung devices since time immemorial compete with Apple products. The Apple of discord was released back in 2007, the year the first iPhone 2G. Although, of course, at that time, the company from South Korea considered its position in the mobile market firm and did not pay attention to the announcement of the product. After only a year and a half, when the iPhone 3G came out, the team Samsung Mobile decided that the easiest way to deal with the Apple of her weapon. These methods were very simple and consisted in “the two designers”, one of which was holding an iPhone, and the second underneath.

The court of 2015th, much water has flowed since then, but the smartphone market is replete with a variety of models. Samsung mixed success in trying to produce the device with a unique design and stands out from competitors technological solutions. So much so, that the once ardent supporters iPhone gone over to the “enemy camp” and use the products of a competitor.

Such situations occur infrequently, the more interesting story of a journalist for Business Insider, Jim Edwards, who made a choice in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, abandoning the iPhone. Despite some problems with the autonomy of Korean smartphone, Edwards could not resist against the curved display.

“I like to use the phone for reading notifications on sinocom the edge of the display, – the journalist wrote. – In this regard, the Galaxy S6 edge plays a kind of Apple Watch. It will take time before people will realize that the watch is not a replacement iPhone, but also act as a filter for certain notifications, eliminating the need every two seconds to reach for his pocket”.

The main drawback, according to Edwards, is that on the Samsung smartphone is not enough apps that support curved display. However, even the current set was enough for the journalist refused iPhone in favor of the Galaxy S6 edge. Now, according to him, he is not ready to return to the smartphone with a standard display.

According to rumors, 2016 in its new reincarnation of the iPhone will have a screen “edge to edge”, getting rid of the frames around the edges. Curious, what would you say then Jim Edwards?

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