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IPhone user shared his impressions about Android after three weeks of using Nexus 5X

MacDigger recently wrote about the impressions of the iPhone user who changed the “Apple” gadget on the Nexus 5X. Then newly the owner described the operation of an Android device is “magical”. This time another user of the iPhone 5s within three weeks used Nexus 5X and spoke in detail about his impressions. A Reddit user under the nickname lejazzvp embraced the new system without much excitement, however, listed several things that are lacking in iOS.

Let’s start with some negative points. According to lejazzvp, applications for any beautiful appearance is not enough, and their interface is less intuitive compared to counterparts on iOS.

“Unlike iOS, Android apps have some unsightly from the point of view of user interface design decisions, — he writes. – Despite all the efforts of Google in this direction, it does not feel the attention to detail. In Google Play there is a handy and beautiful app, but it is hoped that more and more developers will start to respect the principles of Material Design”.

Typically the iOS development easier such for Android. For this reason, many applications often appear in the App Store before Google Play. The program is much more in line with the General principles of the whole ecosystem, though, we must admit that they are allowed on Android more than Apple.

lejazzvp liked the flexibility of the user interface, which is almost absent in iOS (unless you jailbreak). In particular, we were pleased with the variety of settings, allowing you to personalize Android. In stock iOS, this is impossible.

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Blogger widgets praised Android, noting that it was “really useful thing”, and notification system. Alerts in the form of cards, in his opinion, visually nicer and more comfortable than on the iPhone – they do not disappear overall after unlocking. lejazzvp wonders why iOS still no separate volume controls as in Android, so it’s convenient. He was surprised, and the speed of Google Play store apps for Android is much faster than the App Store.

As for the smartphone, then the author of the article complained of “hang” Nexus 5X. When performing resource-intensive tasks such as installing software updates, and when heated the case the gadget starts to slow down significantly.

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