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IPhone user called the 10 main problems of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge after 4 months of use

Earlier in the year Samsung introduced its flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 edge with curved on both sides of the display. The camera is a really interesting and quickly gained the attention of the public. Like any other gadget, the Galaxy S7 edge has its pros and cons. Author YouTube channel 3BEPbE told about the main disadvantages of the South Korean device.

The author of the video switched to Galaxy S7 edge with the iPhone. In the video “Why S7 Edge sucks,” he said, why the owners of smartphones Apple should not look in the direction of South Korean tube.

1. The edge screen

Use the vaunted edge screen is not as convenient as Samsung says, as very often happen accidentally pressing. Looks really original, but in the real use of curved display does not bring any good. Even when you just hold the device in the hand, fingertips or the palm of the click on of the screen. Hand and then inadvertently presses the button, launch apps and toggle functions. For this reason, some choose model Galaxy S7.

2. Cameraslive

Quite unusual type of problem, however, the Galaxy S7 edge present. The device itself can become unlocked in your pocket or in the bag, move the widgets to remove a program from the desktop, call, or write a message.

3. Touch buttons

And here we return to the problem of accidental clicks. Yes, the touch keys under the display are turned off when not in use, but holding S7 edge in the hand, often accidentally click Back or call multi-tasking. For example, when watching videos on YouTube always have to follow the hands, so as not to close the video. In fairness it should be noted that in the games the touch keys are disabled, so if they touch nothing will happen.

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4. The inscription on the case

This problem concerns not only the Galaxy S7 edge, but the normal S7. The inscription “Samsung” emblazoned the front panel above the display and on the back cover, apparently in order to let everyone know that you Samsung. On the back of the case can also be found the inscription “Duos”, “S7 edge” or the name of the operator, depending on the region.

5. Uncomfortable keyboard Samsung

Hard to argue with the fact that the keyboard on iOS is very convenient, it’s very rarely incorrect keystrokes. In the case with the stock Samsung keyboard messages often come with errors, in consequence of which it is necessary to use a voice dial or to correct a lot of mistakes in the text.

6. Bad sound

Compared to the iPhone’s musical abilities Galaxy S7 to be improved. Can be attributed not very good sounding speaker for a waterproof, but the device for 60 000 expect more.

7. Always dirty case

The glass case is very soiled: just a few moments to use your smartphone until it is completely covered with tracks. Every touch leaves an ugly trail device. But how to make the glass shiny and nepaklausigie at the same time, engineers have not yet invented and justified only groothusen coating, through which fingerprints are at least easy to clean.

8. Overheating

Many managed to face the problem of overheating. Often Galaxy S7 edge is heated to such temperatures that the side metal edges cannot touch. If the temperature outside is above 20 degrees, to use the device simply is not convenient. It is noteworthy that overheating cause not only games, but also everyday tasks. Closing all apps and clearing RAM is not saved.

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9. Smart View

Smart View lets you stream the image from the smartphone screen to compatible devices. For example, it may be the TV. When streaming any video, such as YouTube Galaxy S7 edge on TV for unknown reasons, the picture lags behind the sound.

10. Smart Switch

Utility Smart Switch for Mac allows you to copy data to Galaxy S7 runs with the glitch. In the version for OS X there is the problem of sorting files to display the files by date impossible. That is, if you made five pictures in a row, they will appear in different places, and to fix it. On Windows for such faults was not observed.

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