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iPhone test the strength of the molten metal [video]

Mistreatment of iPhone continues. Recently we saw how the Americans checked out the Apple for durability, shoved it into the mouth of the alligator. The device was quite fragile before the predator’s teeth. However, this was not enough, and enthusiasts decided to see what will happen with the iPhone if it is cast in molten metal.

The authors of the project TheBackyardScientist released a video in which iPhone SE thrown into a VAT of molten aluminum. High speed camera shot of a combustion device, during which of the tanks erupted in flames. The housing of the mobile device as a result, almost completely destroyed. Its remnants, together with the cooling metal videoblogger poured into a pan and cooled with cold water.

TheBackyardScientist channel is dedicated to dangerous and risky experiments with combustible and explosives. So, enthusiasts blew up the water-filled aquariums with molten salt shot watermelons, as well as creating a small fire tornado. Most of the experiments can be seen in slow motion.

To see what is left of the iPhone after a stay in a VAT of molten metal, can in the video below:

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