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iPhone SE: whether to change the “six”

Apple does not have to continuously spread the innovation. The company in General to anyone but their shareholders don’t. But they are the outcome of sales of the new iPhone should be satisfied.

“Prochitannosti” and models, and its success can disappoint the fans of the brand, but inspire investors, who last month pushed the index up AAPL. For the basic version to the fans of “Apple” products, you need to pay from 37 990 rubles. Whether justified the price of the new iPhone and what is the difference between the new flagships? And duration of work if you often work with the browser or prefer to play poker for money online and other games?

C the first seconds of Dating is hard to miss, what with all its design resembles SE new iPhone line of smartphones fifth series – adherents of conspicuous consumption there is nothing to do. Here is the same 4-inch screen with Retina display, but the stuffing iPhone SE is much more powerful than its predecessor iPhone 5s, which is soon, by the way, will be three years.

IPhone SE to distinguish from the previous model at first sight is unrealistic. After the eye and hand get used to the streamlined sixth series, angles iPhone SE seem to be outdated. But this is a reversible effect — a matter of habit, as well as the screen size.

One of the main ideas of the model release “Special Edition” are consumers who generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s seemed inappropriate because of the large size of the screen. They want a modern smartphone with powerful features. It should be noted that SE does not support 3D Touch technology. The screen resolution is 1136 x 640 pixels and density of 326 ppi. Interestingly, the company claims that the iPhone screen SE three times brighter than the iPhone 5s.

On Board fresh version of the five 64-bit A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM. In General, everything is the same as that of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The smartphone is twice as powerful from the point of view of computing power and four graphic capabilities of the iPhone 5s.

Any apps and web pages open very quickly. Switching between tasks is instant. Videos in higher resolution are reproduced without any delay. Even the most fancy game or program “flies”. Increased battery capacity – 1560 mAh in the iPhone 5s to 1642 mAh iPhone SE. The battery provides 13 hours of online surfing via Wi-Fi or 10 days in standby mode.

After iPhone 6s Plus smartphone might seem tiny. Needs to be re-used to hold it in your hand, find in your pocket and not to lose, randomly laid out on the table in the restaurant. The process takes about a day. After that, the “iPhones” of the sixth series are already starting to look awkwardly huge “spades”. The iPhone screen SE is not great, but to get your finger to the top of I forgot how, and a convenient double-tap the Home button drops down the screen, doesn’t work here. Oddly enough, it’s the main thing I missed on iPhone SE with his modest four inches, and one of the functions of 3D Touch — the ability to use the keyboard as a touchpad, which is convenient to drive the cursor around the text blocks.

Subjectively this is one of the fastest smartphones. Borrowed from the iPhone 6s electronics are designed to screen large size and with four inches cope effortlessly. Front facing camera remained unchanged – not for lovers of selfie, but to communicate via Skype matrix 1,2 missing. However, the 12 megapixels offers all the technology and picture quality, which are the flagship models of Apple.

And yet, the reverse transition from the iPhone 6 Plus was not easy. It would be more correct to say, was very. Those usage scenarios of a smartphone, which are familiar to the owner of the big screen, four-inch iPhone SE or not realizable at all, or extremely uncomfortable. You will not be able to actively use this model to surf the Net, it won’t be replacing the tablet and e-book. You will not — and that’s probably for the best — sitting behind the wheel on a slow moving traffic jam, comfortably flipping social networks to discuss with friends the rumors and news.

But if you are the owner of iPhone 5s under the new model you will find many pleasant and interesting surprises. Familiar design, a comfortable old form factor combined with a completely modern camera and processor, well-calculated characteristics, low innovation, orientation to a conservative audience. Before Apple did. But the first sales show that too.

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