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iPhone SE took 16% of the smartphone market to Apple in the first quarter

16% of all Apple smartphones sold in the U.S. last quarter, accounted for the new iPhone models SE. To such conclusion analysts of research company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and UBS.

If in the previous quarter, only 16% of iPhone 4s users acquired a new iPhone model, the iPhone SE, their share increased to 26%. Thus, the new 4-inch mini flagship has attracted the attention of the audience by Apple, which wanted a compact smartphone with top-end filling.

The researchers also noted a decline in demand for iPhone model with a 5.5-inch screen – the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. If in the first quarter, they showed a sales growth of 9% in the second, demand decreased by 6%.

“The share of models sold Plus a 6% decline in the June quarter, following a rise of 9% in March. The success of the iPhone SE have demonstrated that there is demand for an affordable device with a compact screen,” the analysts said.

According to researchers, in this period, 62% of iPhone buyers chose the model with a large amount of flash memory.

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