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iPhone SE shredded to dust in a commercial blenders [video]

What should be a rugged mobile phone? Ideally it needs to withstand the execution of the blender Blendtec in the performance of Tom Dickinson – this man loves to grind into flour the most expensive and trendy gadgets. In a fresh video series “Will it Blend?” Dickinson chose as victims iPhone SE.

No surprises did not happen — the spectacular machine milled to dust. Metal iPhone SE only lasted a few seconds and made a lot of noise due to the materials used. According to the results of the experiment, the relentless Dickinson has stated that the new 4-inch smartphone Apple can not resist his blender.

The channel “Will it blend” on YouTube appeared ten years ago. In the first video Tom Dixon decided to see what would happen if in a blender put 50 nails. The result was unexpected for the audience: nails turned into metal powder. Over the years of existence of the channel in the bowl of a blender was not only the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but the most unexpected things: magnets, a toothbrush, a selfie-stick.

Sometimes Blendtec prepares specific cocktails. For example, mix DVD workout Pilates, tofu, a protein bar and diet drug SlimFast. The effect of this drink, as he says, much more useful in a ten minutes cardio. There are other unusual combinations like the mix of content women’s cosmetic bags.

After watching the video iPhone SE Blendtec blender seems to be absolutely invincible, but in the video the spectator warn that house to repeat such experiments is not worth it. At the end of a successful experiment appeared cheerful inscription: “Yes, blender can!”.

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