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iPhone SE showed a “fantastic” performance when compared with Galaxy S7 [video]

In March, a YouTube user under the nickname PhoneBuff decided to conduct a visual test of performance of high-end smartphones Apple and Samsung. Last time in the experiment by American giant computer electronics participated iPhone 6s. Then the “Apple” mobile phone surpassed rival with a huge margin. In Tech Trinkets decided to conduct a similar experiment, but with the iPhone SE.

The South Korean unit had opposed a new Apple smartphone with 4-inch screen. The algorithm of the “benchmark” is similar: the author of the video includes the device, then sequentially opens the same or identical apps on each smartphone that compares the gadgets in Geekbench. Completes testing of standard browsers and multitasking applications.

This time the situation is repeated as it is, you can see from the video. iPhone SE demonstrated leadership by working with “heavy” games and browser. The enthusiast called the performance a flagship Apple “fantastic”. In Tech Trinkets drew attention to the fact that during the test – about 10 minutes – Galaxy S7 is discharged by 6%, whereas the battery meter iPhone battery SE remained at 100%.

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