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iPhone SE selects a market from the Chinese manufacturers of Android-smartphone

Stir in the Chinese market has caused does not last flagship of Samsung, LG and HTC, and the new 4-inch Apple smartphone. It is believed that a few days iPhone SE has received 3.4 million pre-orders in China.

iPhone is very popular in China, and the emergence of more affordable modification triggered a real boom. The most affordable model of iPhone 6s in China is 5280 yuan (about 53 600 rubles), while the 16-Gigabyte version of the iPhone SE will cost only 3288 yuan or 33 400 rubles. Users in China have left a huge number of pre-orders for the novelty.

According to Friday’s report, Taiwanese and Chinese suppliers refuse to increase the production of components, partly due to the success of the iPhone SE. High demand for 4-inch modificatio due to an advanced “stuffing” of the smartphone. In a compact four-inch case concluded one of the most powerful phones in the world. Stylish, with a recognizable classical design “V” device is based on Apple’s A9 processor and offers buyers high-quality 12-megapixel camera and excellent battery life.

iPhone SE supports Apple Pay and Live Photos, and the latest flagships of the company, although he lost his 3D Touch display and a faster fingerprint scanner.

Especially affected suppliers of lenses and modules for the cameras. Last year, smartphone manufacturers were asked to maintain a high supply of components for cameras, which the majority of suppliers were able to sell only 70 to 80% of production. For example, Xiaomi in 2015, has requested components for 80-100 million phones. Eventually, the company managed to sell only 70 million units.

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Apple, in turn, also brought headaches to the providers, abandoning the 15-volt power adapter in favor of 20-volt.

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