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iPhone SE is very popular among the defectors from the Android platform

Many felt that SE releasing iPhone, Apple has made a mistake. However, studies show that with the task the machine copes fine. According to Slice Intelligence, a 4-inch phone gained special popularity among the former owners of smartphones running Android and Windows Phone.

SE iPhone, in fact, is an affordable analogue iPhone 6s the iPhone 5s, minus some features, among which the most notable loss – this is a 3D Touch. As a consequence, the potential buyer SE is the man who needs a compact, inexpensive smartphone Apple.

According to the survey, 15% of the total number of buyers of the iPhone SE were “defectors” from other platforms. This figure though not a record, but very clearly reflects the essence of users who need a productive Communicator in a compact housing found in the iPhone face SE.

Contributed to a large number of transitions with devices running on Android iPhone SE and not the highest price the latest Apple news. The cost of a new 4-inch Apple phone is quite comparable with the cost of “ordinary” smartphones in the middle price segment of the market.

Actually, if you go beyond Apple products, the iPhone SE is unique in its kind device. There are smartphones with small screen sizes, but almost all of them belong to the low or, at best, an average price category. SE iPhone, in contrast, is not inferior to the larger fellows in anything but size.

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