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iPhone SE for the first time fell below the psychological mark

On the eve of the release of new device models, retailers typically reduce the price of not sold copies. This is due to the upcoming update or not, but a number of companies for the first time reduced the price of 4-inch iPhone SE below the psychological level of $300.

In anticipation of the spring presentation of the new Apple rumors about the receiver compact smartphone has not been received. Observers on this account different opinions. Some believe that in Cupertino do not plan to release the successor to iPhone SE because of the strong position on the market with this level of performance and the dimensions of the device is simply no competitors on the Android market. Others however, believe that the model order is outdated and needs to be updated.

Anyway, one of the world’s largest retailers started the sale of iPhone SE which may indicate the imminent release of the second generation of the smartphone. At the moment, the version with 16 GB now costs 285 dollars (almost 17 500 rubles). For a model with 64 GB of memory are asking $ 339 (around 20 000).

We are talking about the restored smartphones. In the name of iPhone SE has the word Refurbished, which means that the device was previously in use, or entered the shop restored after repair. These smartphones have undergone a full examination of the quality that affect all repaired devices. Each gadget offers year warranty.

How long do iPhone SE will be sold with a discount that is hard to say. But anyone who expects to buy a smartphone at this price, you should hurry.

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