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IPhone SE 2 will still be the unibrow

31 may to Twitter by Sonny Dickson, a photo appeared of a protective film. Judging by its form, it is designed for iPhone SE 2, the screen seems to be a cutout under the TrueDepth camera.

Film located adjacent to a similar accessory for the iPhone X. At first glance they are, except size, are very similar, but looking closely, one can notice the differences. For example, a cut in iPhone SE 2 is much less than the iPhone X.

This means that the budget Apple smartphone will get changed TrueDepth camera. The company somehow managed to liberate even more space in the upper part of the body and move the sensor there.

In this scenario, SE iPhone 2 will actually receive the best design, but could lose Face ID. Of course, if Apple did not have time to develop TrueDepth camera much smaller.

This is not the first rumor about the frameless design budget gadget. In early may, Case manufacturer Olixar hinted at this, noting that the cut in SE iPhone 2 will be two times less than in the flagship Apple smartphone.

It should be noted that a protective film is also no cutout for Touch ID. Probably, the company may void the device of any biometric sensors, leaving only the password. Although this will greatly reduce the cost.

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