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iPhone, Samsung or HTC: the most scratch-resistant flagship

Known for its experiments on mobile gadgets jerryrigeverything once released a new video that tests the strength of the new smartphone HTC U Ultra. The special edition device has received the sapphire glass, which should be protected from any scratches.

The top version HTC Ultra in addition to the U sapphire glass is equipped with 128 GB of flash memory. The smartphone went on sale in Russia in late April at a price of 54 990 rubles.

The author of the video compared the smartphone with a watch Tissot, using the same material, and “sapphire crystal” screen protector for Galaxy S8. The scratches on the screen of the smartphone HTC began to appear only at the level of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It gives hope to keep the screen intact throughout the life of the smartphone. For comparison, the screen and home button the iPhone 7 there are scratches on the materials hardness 6 level.

According to the enthusiast, the display is HTC U Ultra Sapphire Edition can be called the most resistant among smartphones — at least of those that he had to be tested. Another thing, if you drop the sapphire beats quite easily.

HTC was a big achievement to use sapphire glass in the mass smartphone. Apple famously never managed to achieve this in iPhone it is only used to cover home buttons and camera lens, as well as in Apple Watch as a small manufacturer of sapphire glass is much easier.

“Sapphire” the film, by the way, were on strength as regular plastic.

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