IPhone sales will fall 20-25%, despite the launch of iPhone SE (2020)

An authoritative analyst, Min-Chi Kuo, in his new report addressed to investors, shared his forecast for iPhone sales. According to him, the coronavirus pandemic had a serious negative impact on demand, and therefore, counting on record iPhone sales is not worth at least the next couple of quarters.

IPhone sales will fall 20-25%, despite the launch of iPhone SE (2020)

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The analyst noted that the demand for the second-generation iPhone SE, presented on April 15, was higher than expected. However, overall demand for the iPhone fell due to lower consumer activity, the closure of the Apple Store around the world and quarantine introduced in many countries. In the worst case scenario, iPhone sales for the second quarter of 2020 will range from 29 to 32 million devices. This is 20-25% less compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, Min-Chi Kuo does not exclude that demand and purchasing power will begin to recover in the third quarter of this year. In this case, iPhone shipments on an annualized basis will fall by only 10-15%, which in the current situation will be a real success.

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