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IPhone sales are falling not only in China but also in Europe

Research center experts Canalys found that iPhone sales are falling in China. According to them, the demand for Apple’s smartphone falls in Thailand and in many European countries.

Analysts Canalys research center has studied the volume of the mobile device market for the fourth quarter of 2018. According to them, iPhone sales showed a decline not only in China but also in Thailand, a market which is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. The demand for Apple smartphones has fallen in this country, more than 50 percent.

In Europe, Apple takes the second place in sales of smartphones after Samsung. However, the U.S. declined for the fourth quarter of last year by six percent. In this regard, analysts believe that by the end of 2019 sales of Apple not only continue to fall — she will relinquish the leadership of Huawei. The demand for devices of this company in Europe grew by 55 percent. In General, the Chinese manufacturers at the start of 2019 is 32 percent of the market of all mobile devices in European countries.

According to experts, the low interest in the iPhone due to the glut in the market of mobile gadgets, as well as the reluctance of users to upgrade their smartphones.

We will remind that earlier journalists reported a drop in sales of iPhone in China: demand fell by almost 20 percent.

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