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iPhone ruins the budget of Ukraine

As reports “Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies” (UCRF), the loss budget of Ukraine from smuggling the smartphones made by Apple is 1 billion hryvnia (about $40 million). According to experts, today in the territory of neighboring countries more than half of the iPhone “gray”.

Due to the catastrophic flood of smuggled Apple smartphones Ukrainian budget loses huge amounts of money, complained to UCRF. According to an insider in one of the distribution networks involved in the sale of equipment in the networks of mobile operators last year were recorded a day about 600 new Apple smartphones, and only about 24% (about 140 pieces) of them legally transported across the border. Given the fact that the maximum “black” sales have on the most expensive models, the share of the black money of the goods of close to 65%.

“A number of “gray” iPhone is almost 65%, and the losses of the budget from the smuggling ranges from 800 000 to 1 billion hryvnia. The total amount of the illegal importation of technology in the state reaches 3.5 billion UAH”, — say in the UCRF.

To smartphones-the”illegals” are imported in two ways – “black” and “grey”. The first way is when unscrupulous companies that break the law on the import, by bribery illegal transport equipment across the border. The second is to buy equipment from individuals and private entrepreneurs, because the person has the right, supposedly for personal use, imported into Ukraine a few smartphones.

As a way out of the situation experts suggest to restore the procedure of making IMEI codes to the shared database. Currently, businesses importing phone make IMEI in its sole discretion.

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According to the statistics Department, in the first six months of 2016 in the queue for registration was submitted 677 000 codes.

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