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IPhone owners refer to it as an object of luxury

The edition of The Next Web tried to understand the reasons for the popularity of the iPhone and find out why Apple gadgets carry in repair more often than others.

Android fans often ridiculed Apple fans for what they are willing to sacrifice their time and money to get the next new product. To get up neither light nor dawn, stand in queue, which had long been forgotten, and to pay considerable sums of money for mobile — this behavior seems illogical and unreasonable.

People are eager to become part of the Apple ecosystem for two reasons:

  • the pleasure of working with the device,
  • the image of the owner of Apple technology coincides with the image of a man that wants to be most people.

In order to remain in the ecosystem, it is necessary to take care of your gadget. Nothing illustrates the power of Apple brand is better than the behavior of the owners of its equipment.

For the period from June 2007, when he was presented the first iPhone, at the end of 2014 users spent 23.5 billion dollars for the repair of equipment Apple, with about 10.7 billion dollars was spent on repairs of the iPhone. During this time the share of Apple in the US smartphone market has averaged 27%, while the share in the market of repair of telephone sets — 49%.

That is, iPhone owners on average repairing your gadgets is 19% more often than users of other brands. The cost of repair and insurance smartphones the most popular manufacturers is no different, and Apple devices in typical use, not break down more often.

It turns out, better than anyone on their phone care for iPhone owners. They change smartphones on the new less frequently than other categories of users. This happens for a number of reasons.

Apple is positioned as a luxury brand. In 2015, the share of iPhone accounted for just 18.3% of all smartphone sales. However, Apple’s revenue amounted to 92% of the profits of all industry players. the iPhone is perceived as an easy way to emphasize their own uniqueness.

At the same time, from a rational point of view, the purchase of luxury goods made no sense, and the costs of maintaining the perfect state of things is an integral component of TCO.

For example, the pleasure of buying a diamond necklace, even of the purest stones in the alley will be lower than buying in a comfortable, quiet and bright, store Tiffany. Apple Store look like.

Apple uses irrational images, because they are the most effective for the advertising of luxury items. That’s what makes users keep better track of gadgets and often take them to the repair.

A broken iPhone doesn’t make any sense, it can be compared to a Porsche c strong dent or battered leather bag Louis Vuitton. The user feels the contradiction: no one buys broken items of luxury, no one gets the thing he is unable to fix it, not if he wanted to let the surrounding dust in the eyes. This does not correspond to the way sought by the person buying the Apple smartphone. And the possession of a perfectly working iPhone — an indispensable attribute of this image.

So fans include Apple gadgets repair in that time, Android users save money or wait for salary to buy a smartphone to replace the previous one with a broken screen.

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