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IPhone owners it’s hard to imagine it, than have to put up Android users

03.05.2017 0 Comments

A month is left before the release of a new beta version of the iOS operating system 11. The current version of mobile OS from Apple installed on almost 80% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Imagine if the majority of Apple gadgets now working on iOS 8, which was released in late 2014?

 IPhone owners it's hard to imagine it, than have to put up Android users

Android 7.0 Nougat debuted about a year ago and Android O – the next major Android release is already a month available as a beta build. Meanwhile, according to official statistics from Google, the most popular version of Android is now Android Lollipop, which was released on 12 November 2014.

At the moment Android Nougat installed on 7.1% of all Android devices on the market. This platform was released in August 2016 – a month before iOS 10. In February on iOS 10 passed 79% of compatible Apple devices and since then their number is only growing.

IPhone owners should imagine the situation when for 92.9% of them could benefit from features that appeared in iOS 9 or iOS 10. But this has to be tolerated for Android users. And most of the negative reviews regarding the OS Google relies on the fact that the platform is too fragmented.

To Google know about this problem, but the situation does not change. At the time Vice-President of the company for the development of mobile technology, lead the development of Android, said that Google will never operate like Apple, where the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users get the update almost immediately after the release of the new OS.

IPhone owners it's hard to imagine it, than have to put up Android users

“Pie chart of Android versions, noted in Google will always be different, because the nature of our various ecosystems. So I think that’s all right”.

Owners of Android-based smartphones have to put up with the delay of the release of updates for their devices after the official release of the new OS. And even users of the Nexus smartphones and Pixel for some inexplicable reason, is also affected by this problem.

Of course, not all users know what version of Android are working their smartphones, although this is very important. Despite all attempts by Google to reduce the number of smartphones and tablets with older versions of the OS, the situation is worse because the last word always remains with the producers.

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