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iPhone not working Facebook for 15% longer

Despite the great resources and opportunities the company Facebook can’t fix your app. Long time users are complaining about performance issues. However, as found by the Explorer Samuel Gibbs, the Facebook application significantly reduces not only the speed but also the battery life of smartphones.

Article with unflattering reviews recently appeared on the Guardian website. In particular, the author argues that the Facebook app significantly reduces battery life. But if you had already complained in General terms, we now have the results of specific tests.

As it turned out, after the removal of client Facebook other apps started to load faster. Journalists tested the influence of software social networks on the battery life of the device. He left the Facebook messenger, but replaced the app in a social network the web link on iPhone home screen, which is a web wrapper for access from a mobile device.

Smartphone as a result of such manipulation was to work longer by about 15%. Every day for the whole week the user watched the rest of the charge and in all cases recorded less “greediness” of the alternative applications.

In the end, Gibbs recommends the use of the web link on Facebook or go to the site using Safari: “You can add a link to Facebook via Safari on the home screen, it will look almost identical to the app icon. The only restriction will be no function “card sharing” which is not available when working with the service through the website. That is, in order to share photos, have to manual press the “Post a photo””.

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