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iPhone – not Vertu: Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk said that the smartphone from Apple is not a luxury item

To accuse the priests in luxury if they use an iPhone can not. This is the opinion of the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk. According to him, the Apple smartphone is not a luxury item, like Vertu phones.

The head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations of the ROC, said that the accusations of Orthodox priests is not justified. He noted that “on expensive cars, few priests”, such as the top leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church or the bishops, but the majority of the clergy — people with limited incomes.

The Metropolitan stressed that accusations of the kind in the address of the clergy is unfounded: he uses “ordinary” iPhone, which once took for Vertu.

“I once read about himself that was accompanying the Patriarch in his visit to Bulgaria, sat in a car and was holding the phone “Vertu” for ten thousand dollars. I have had this phone for many years I use the iPhone — first, fifth, and now sixth. And the picture phone was circled, but the picture is, of course, was such that it was impossible to see what this phone,” he said.

Hilarion also said that people often pay attention “to some external stuff, on all the external trappings and forget the most important thing is that the Church gives millions of people the meaning of life, joy and happiness.”

In may this year, Minister of Church in Rostov with a gold iPhone 7 angered users in YouTube. The record shows that as a woman with a white kerchief on his head and in a modest black jacket kneels on the floor in the Church and is looking for something in the bag while simultaneously speaking on the phone. The man shot a curious situation on video and posted it on the Network.

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