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iPhone more Samsung smartphones two times, LG smartphones – up to five times

Analysis of average prices on LG smartphones shows that they are more than five times cheaper than the iPhone. Analysts said Yonhap, the lag is the reason why the South Korean giant can not revive its suffering losses mobile business.

The study was reviewed by 12 LG smartphone, available on the website of the local operator KT. It turned out that the average retail price of LG devices, including the model of primary and secondary level, such as LG and Stylus 2 X Screen, as well as the flagship LG V20 is about 137 000 won, or about $117. The Agency said that low-cost devices are offered at a price from 20 000 to 70 000 won ($18-60), while the cost of the V20 comes to 749 000 won (over $640).

At the same time was studied and the prices for different iPhone models. It turned out that the Apple smartphone can be an average buy for 715 600 won ($613). In addition, the reviewers learned that the average price of smartphones Samsung Electronics is about 336 000 won (about $288).

According to analysts IDC, in 2015, the average iPhone selling price was $718 vs $231, $213, $208 and $141 devices from Chinese manufacturers — Oppo, Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi, respectively.

Commenting on the data, industry expert noted that to revive sales and restore the smartphone business of LG, we again focus on devices premium.

It is expected that the next flagship model of LG G6 will be presented in February. According to rumors, he will get a removable battery, a proprietary payment system LG Pay and technology MST.

In early January, LG has released some preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter. The company received operating loss of $ 35.3 billion won (29.6 million dollars) against profit in 348,9 billion won a year earlier. According to analysts, the operating loss of the smartphone business LG will be from 400 to 500 billion won (343-428 million dollars).

The lack of a truly eye-catching patterns and strong competition from Chinese manufacturers were the main reasons for the disappointing financial results of LG.

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