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IPhone microscope with 400 × magnification are successfully raised money on Kickstarter [video]

Startup Nurugo created a unique lens that, when mounted on the camera of the smartphone allows you to turn it into quite a decent microscope with 400 times magnification. The use of such a “microscope” is extremely wide.

Lens quickly attaches to the main camera lens and as conveniently removed. According to the developers, Nurugo Micro is the smallest microscope for smartphone that provides magnification up to 400x. When comparing new items attached to the mobile device’s camera, professional microscope pictures of the human hair follicles were quite comparable in quality and detail.

To obtain high-quality images you need good lighting, so the design Nurugo Micro fiber and comes with a ring illuminator uniformly illuminates the object. Below are examples of images obtained using the device.

The lens will cost just $ 40, while high-quality microscope will cost wishing to $ 10,000 or more.

The establishment of mass production demanded additional investment funds, so the researchers launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, aiming to raise $50,000. Up to this point, the developers have already surpassed our goal and collected over $135 000. Deliveries to the first customers is planned for may of this year.

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