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iPhone Medvedev nearly dismantled for parts in “SKOLKOVO”

Dmitry Medvedev this week visited Technopark “SKOLKOVO”. The Prime Minister was shown several developments, including the apparatus for disassembly of phones. Young scientists offered to test it on iPhone the head of the government, but he laughed it off, saying he did not took it with him.

Medvedev recalled that the Russian authorities began to systematically engage in innovation since 2009. “Since then, we, in my opinion, but certain things we still moved in the forward direction,” – said Medvedev, calling a good example of this is the creation of the centre “SKOLKOVO” where built “world-class infrastructure” including Europe’s largest industrial Park.

During the visit, Medvedev visited the Technopark and the lecture hall of the SKOLKOVO Foundation and got acquainted with the development of resident companies. During the visit, the Prime Minister went into the hall for lectures, which are held for students once a week. Young professionals showed the premiere of a unique apparatus for the automatic analysis of telephone buildings, and proposed to disassemble the iPhone the head of the government.

“Thank God, I didn’t take it,” he told them with a smile the Prime Minister.

Apple has a special robot for dismantling your iPhone, and it is a subject of special pride of the company. A device called Liam is not for sale and created for “iPhone cycle in nature.” Its tasks include the parsing of phones into its component parts so that they could be reused. Apple said that garbage collecting robot is able to take apart more than 1.2 million iPhones a year.

Dmitry Medvedev was satisfied with the development experts “SKOLKOVO”.

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“The theme of innovation ceased to be exotic in our country, it has become quite fashionable. We really began to develop actively the program to create its own supercomputers, and their own powerful networks. Created a very serious technology in nuclear energy, in space exploration. Earned a modern pharmaceutical enterprise of a full cycle. Appeared standard solutions that increase energy efficiency of homes and businesses. Everything I list, this was actually a major modernization projects, which we did in 2009,” – said Dmitry Medvedev.

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