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iPhone is the only smartphone that invokes emotions in people

After more than four years after the head of the marketing Department of Samsung, the Korean manufacturer will achieve the same public attention to the Galaxy phones, which makes iPhone users. But to say and do are totally different things, isn’t it?

It seemed that a lot can be done if you have a staff of marketers and billions of dollars on advertising. However…

While Samsung’s advertising campaign had two objectives. First, it was to increase brand awareness. Believe it or not, despite the rich experience in the production of Samsung electronics, his name does not occur to the Western consumer when it comes to smartphones.

Secondly, the advertising campaign was to show iPhone owners in the way of idiots. In their commercials, Samsung argued that all these stupid hipsters are bad devices just because they have everyone else.

It should be noted that the Korean manufacturer chose the perfect moment to attack Apple: iPhone became a phenomenon, in which there was no counterculture and Samsung started to push an alternative opinion to the masses.

Creating Galaxy devices, the Koreans tried pixel-to-pixel to copy the iPhone. Even high-profile trial between Apple and Samsung has not prevented the last to get to the top of the smartphone market. In 2015, Samsung has shipped to partners 319.7 million phones, which is 88 million more than Apple over the same period.

The sales growth of the Korean devices to date is slowing not bad models, but because of lower marketing costs. Top Samsung smartphones no longer evoke emotions in people. In 2011 Koreans were demonstrating something new and fresh, but in 2015 smartphones, which for most buyers barely differ from ones competitors.

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Despite the small growth in the sales of smartphones in late 2015, it is impossible not to notice the surge in interest of buyers to the iPhone 6s. And this year the company will reveal the iPhone 7 with a fully updated design, which will cause even more interest.

iPhone is the only smartphone that has attracted the attention of the public on a global scale. Of course, there are manufacturers who try to achieve the same results. A good example is Chinese company Xiaomi, which literally copies every movement of cupertinos. But if you take into account absolutely all players in the mobile market, i.e., Apple and everyone else.

A popular resource on mobile technology BGR has established a link between the level of interest in the products and the traffic to the website after the publication of certain news. Despite the fact that the resource writes on a variety of devices, the vast majority are interested in iPhone 7. His main competitor, Galaxy S7 has attracted even less attention than the Galaxy S5 a few years ago.

Today is a difficult time for the release of the leaders of the mobile market. Companies that do not know how to generate interest in their devices in public, which was not destined to be on top. The benchmark in this field is Apple. Half a year before the launch of the iPhone 7, but now users are looking forward to the novelty. Everyone’s wondering what Apple was prepared this time.

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