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iPhone is the leader among smartphones in the US, Android is among the mobile OS

Analytical firm comScore has published a report reflecting the development of the market of mobile operating systems in the United States. According to statistics, at the end of the three-month period that ended in January 2017, the undisputed leader in the US remains Apple.

According to the comScore report, over 200 million Americans used smartphones as of the end of January. Market leaders remain Apple and Samsung, which accounted for 44.6% and 28% of smartphones respectively.

The most popular smartphone in the U.S. during the Christmas and new year holidays was the iPhone. According to analysts, Apple’s market share in the last quarter grew by 2.3%. Second place went to Samsung, whose share fell from 30%. The third place is occupied by LG with a share of 10.3%, the company managed to improve its result for the previous quarter of 0.7%.

Fourth and fifth places were taken by Motorola and HTC, who got 4.3% and 2.3% of the U.S. market.

If we consider the balance of power from the point of view of operating systems, we see that the software platform Apple has strengthened its position, while Android has failed to keep the trend of previous periods and software platform Google has lost over the past period. According to analysts, Android’s share is 53.2%, which is 2% less than in the previous reporting period. iOS takes second place with a share of 44.6% (+2.3 percent).

The proportion of the Windows operating system declined from 1.8 to 1.6%. BlackBerry went up 0.6%.

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