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iPhone in “mortgage”: the Apple’s smartphones become more affordable

Last year Apple launched an unusual program iPhone Upgrade Program. Its essence is that the user rents an old smartphone and receive a new in kind of installments for a period of 24 months. Every month we have to pay a certain payment, but their sum over the entire period exceeds the cost of the smartphone in retail. Now the iPhone Upgrade Program has received a number of innovations: to buy iPhone in installments may still only residents in the US, but now the opportunity was and online shoppers.

When choosing a smartphone on the company’s website as an option offers iPhone Upgrade Program. Monthly payments in the amount of $32,41 $44,91 will not only not to pay the full amount immediately, but also to change the device on the new iPhone 7 immediately after the start of sales of the device. Bonus is the extended protection device is under AppleCare+.

Until February of this year, the program replaced an old smartphone to a new model within the iPhone Upgrade Program provided for the reception of devices without obvious signs of damage. Now take the device to Apple retail store to exchange for a new modification can iPhone owners with damaged screen, cameras, or buttons.

However, the program allows exchange only in case of any corruption “within reasonable limits”. This presumably means that the phone must be functional, and not, say, become faulty because of being in the water or collected the pieces after shattered after the fall. To purchase by installment only the flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the contract with Apple and the Bank partner is for a period of two years.

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iPhone Upgrade Program is not connected with the mobile operators, however, you can use the service only under a contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. To purchase “unlocked” smartphone thus will not work.

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