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IPhone feature that could save your life

Not many iPhone owners know that the Android smartphone comes with a feature that can save their life in an extremely situation? Julie Thompson, an American physician, spoke about what many owners don’t know.

“Patients coming to us in desperate moments do not have the opportunity to contact their relatives. Sometimes they can’t unlock their phones!”.

To access important medical information even if your iPhone is locked. The principle is the same as in the case of emergency calls.

But first the gadget you want to configure. Go to the Health app. When you open it, in the lower right corner you will find a section of the Medical records. Go to it and fill in the questionnaire. Specify important data: blood group, allergic reactions, the medicine you are contraindicated, etc. and Suddenly you find yourself in a desperate situation and can’t talk? The doctor will be able to access this information, even if you are unconscious.

If you suddenly find yourself in an accident or become unconscious for other reasons, workers are able to learn. And it literally may save your life!

“I work in the emergency hospital for several years. We regularly get patients who can’t communicate with the closest relatives, or even to say who they are and what happened to them. Sometimes, failing memory, and people can’t unlock my phone because I forgot the password. But more often happens that the victim is unconscious, the whole phone was lying nearby, and doctors don’t even know what medications will help the patient!”, says Thompson.

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Many people do not fill Medical records because they think it is a waste of time. However, Apple offers an amazing opportunity to make all important data. Just in case. Little did the world happen every day emergencies?

“We had history when only medical card, filled out on iPhone, has allowed us to know what group of blood need patients. This feature has saved many lives”, she concluded.

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