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iPhone can protect your personal data, but will not hide the crime from the police

A few months ago, a Twitter user sent the journalist Kurt Eichenwald image, causing an epileptic seizure, knowing that he suffers from epilepsy and believing that anonymous SIM card and a single account in Twitter is enough to avoid any consequences. The attacker was a iPhone user that was an important detail that helped the police to track and arrest him. It all happened with the support of Twitter, AT&T and Apple.

As explained by The Verge, buy an anonymous SIM cards and single Twitter account can seem like the perfect combination to commit a crime. However, John Rivello, accused of attempted murder by sending a tweet Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald, used iPhone, which helped the police to catch the attacker. Of rivello knew about the illness of Eichenwald and in a tweet wrote: “You deserve a seizure for your posts”, attaching a flashing GIF.

Initially, the police sent a court order on Twitter to obtain information about the account @jew_goldstein, which was sent a. GIF animation. Twitter has provided an email address, and IP address and phone number.

Carrier AT&T had no information about the owner of the phone number, but was able to provide detailed information about the SIM card. The company discovered that this room was used in the iPhone 6.

Then the police sent a request to Apple, and the company provided data iCloud iPhone associated with that belongs, Rivello. In addition, the history of messages in iMessage showed that the attacker had previously shown interest in the journalist.

Apple can be a tough position in relation to the encryption of personal data, but if you have a warrant the company is obliged to cooperate with law enforcement.

Of rivello probably forgot how to operate the iPhone, though has taken many steps for its security. Even if you change the SIM card, the device will be asked to add your Apple ID to a new phone number. In many cases, users do it without any hesitation.

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