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iPhone can be hacked with the help of children’s toys [video]

The researchers were able to circumvent the protection of iPhone, using popular play set Play-Doh. They bypassed the biometric authentication device by fingerprint.

Chinese experts in the field of information security were able to hack into iPhone with the help of popular children’s toys. As the main measures of protection on the smartphone used Touch ID technology.

The researchers used Play-Doh to get the fingerprint of the iPhone owner. To carry out such attacks, they needed to make an impression of the finger of the victim.

The process was shown at the company’s booth at MWC Vkansee 2016. They suggested that any iPhone owner to place the thumb in dental plaster. After solidification, the cast put a piece of Play-Doh, moving thus the imprint on the clay. They last unlocked smartphone user.

To carry out such an attack in practice is difficult, experts say. Get a plaster or clay cast of a finger of the victim would be extremely difficult – attackers will need special equipment and physical contact with the user.

According to Apple, to successfully duplicate the fingerprint attackers have been able only 1 in every 50 000. However, iPhone users do not forget about elementary safety measures. At least once every six months, check the state Bank accounts and regularly use the services of credit monitoring.

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