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iPhone became the most selling gadgets of 2017

Research company, GBH, has published a report according to which the total sales of Apple smartphones exceeded sales of other technological devices.

According to experts, Apple managed to sell about 233 million iPhones. In second place with a significant lag located the Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Their result — $ 33 million sold devices. Third place went to model smart dynamics Amazon Echo Dot for 2017 were sold 24 million such columns. The fourth most popular gadget of steel Apple Watch is 20 million pieces. Fifth place is a hybrid Nintendo console Switch gamers acquired 15 million such devices.

the iPhone was the best-selling gadgets in 2016, when Apple managed to sell 211 million units. Analysts predict that the series will retain the lead in 2018, since a large number of fans of the brand can update the phone if the model next year will be successful. If the information that in 2018 the cost of the Apple gadgets may be reduced, confirmed, then the Corporation is expecting good sales.

Apple can strengthen its position to oust Amazon, if you release the long-awaited smart Home column Pod.

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