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iPhone battery 6900 mAh can become a reality [video]

A startup from Los Angeles Fat Battery offers everyone to increase the battery life of the iPhone. The developers have announced service upgrade battery and body of the smartphone, after which the phone will last four times longer. iPhone will be twice as thick, but will look much better than in case with battery, say the developers.

iPhone is the best smartphone on the market. However, many owners of Apple gadgets complain of fast battery drain. It is so essential that some agree to make your iPhone a little less easy and graceful for the sake of it is not necessary to frequently charge.

The project initiators Fat Battery offer owners of the iPhone 6s service, which is that experts will reveal him sent to the device and set it high-capacity battery — 6860 mAh mAh is 1715. In the end, the phone gets great battery that can provide up to 40 hours of work on the Internet, up to 45 hours video playback, up to 200 hours continuous music playback or more than one-month in standby mode.

Announced earlier in the year the project currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It is not too successful, which is quite surprising, given the conventional wisdom that the battery capacity is more important than the thickness of the smartphone. After upgrade, the waist of the smartphone will increase from 7.1 mm to 15 mm and a weight of from 143 to 248 g. of Course, the procedure for an independent autopsy of the iPhone leads to loss of warranty Apple brand, however, experts have taken into account this fact and offered their own warranty for a period of 1 year.

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The authors of the project compares the proposed procedure for the upgrade the iPhone with the well-known alternative in the form of covers for the batteries. These accessories, according to them, disfigure your smartphone and the battery life is increased in this case irrelevant. Technology Fat Battery makes the iPhone by far not as bulky as the case and the battery capacity is seriously added.

To support project Fat Battery you can, click on this link. The upgrade cost iPhone for the participants in the Kickstarter will be $129.

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