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IPhone app X will help you to choose glasses

With the release of iPhone X, the developers started to release updates for their apps to add support TrueDepth camera. One of the first eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

Warby Parker decided to use Face ID in order to offer users eyewear that will match their face shape.

From the description of the updates:

“O. K., now that’s cool. We are adding a brand new feature for iPhone X, which measure your face to help with the choice of points”.

So far, the app just gives a list of recommendations, but does not use augmented reality to try on virtual glasses. Perhaps this will change soon and Warby Parker will use ARKit to add new “features”.

Glasses by Warby Parker allows hopes that other developers will use the camera TrueDepth to add new features. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

ARKit — a set of tools submitted by developers in the framework of the conference WWDC 2017. It is a new look at augmented reality technology. The new product is able to recognize the dimensions of the surrounding space and to take into account the lighting conditions in order to reliably integrate virtual objects into real life.

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