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iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 get control with gestures

Key features platform augmented reality ARKit is that Apple developed it for a specific device, knowing exactly what capabilities they possess. It allows you to unlock the full potential of iOS devices, because their form factors are one of the most powerful in the world of gadgets. Within ARKit augmented reality is cluttered with new interesting features that will be useful and in the virtual.

Engine Clay brings to the device gesture recognition in the air. The technology works by analogy with the Leap Motion, only using the front camera of gadgets. The platform has its own SDK and supports over 30 gestures. Soon Clay, as reported Holographica, promises to integrate the technology with ARKit and iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.

This will allow to turn your mobile Apple device in the device augmented and virtual reality with gesture control. Of course, iPhone is not the glasses, but it works with hundreds of headsets for every taste and purse, including the Russian Fibrum.

Clay is already working SDK with Unity. To experimentally evaluate the engine with ARKit is impossible, but easy video:

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