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iPhone again did not listen to Putin

Sunday, March 27, in Russia has changed the borders of time zones and the procedure of calculation time on the territory of the six regions. New rules start to act in accordance with the amendments to the Federal law “On calculating time”. In February 2016, the proposal was approved by the state Duma, and March 9, the relevant law was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

In Zabaikalsky Krai the difference with Moscow time is now six hours, in Astrakhan and Ulyanovsk regions one hour, in the Altai territory and the Altai Republic four hours, in the Sakhalin region eight hours. In this regard, on March 27 at 2:00 am local time in the territories of these regions, except the North Kuril district of the Sakhalin region, clocks were moved one hour forward.

Owners of Apple smartphones, however, Sunday was a surprise. Gadgets Apple refused to transfer, in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia. As a result, according to Yaprofi, the inhabitants of these regions the time zone on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook will have to be transferred manually.

After adopted in 2011 the decision on reduction of time zones in Russia from eleven to nine and the transition in 2014, the winter residents of some Russian regions began to complain about the lack of the evenings, especially in winter, when begins to darken already in the fourth hour. This discontent led to a series of rallies and the initiative of regional deputies of the local time forward one hour. Federal officials supported the idea, but the gadgets don’t.

Apple has not yet commented on the time zone changes in Russia and Microsoft announced that a zone update will be released in April. Before the release of the update, users are advised to manually select the time zone RTZ–nn+1.

How to change the time zone on your iPhone, iPad and iPod

  • Go to Settings -> General -> date and time.
  • Unplug the automatic switch.
  • Will set the time zone of Samara:

  • If you have an Apple watch, they are synchronized with your iPhone and time zone will be what will put on your smartphone:

How to change the time zone in OS X (Mac)

  • Menu  -> System settings -> date and time.
  • Go to the tab “Time zone”:
    • Click the lock (bottom left) to change, type the computer administrator’s password:

    • Uncheck “Automatically select the time zone depending on Your current location”.
    • Select the time zone “Samara”:

    Note that in the past, users of Apple gadgets have already become victims of the error associated with the transition to winter and summer time. So, in the fall of 2011 smartphones habitually reset the clock with summer / winter time, although this procedure in Russia at that time was already cancelled. In March 2012, all the smartphones and Apple computers with outdated software versions incorrectly switched to “summer time”. The same thing happened with some Mac computers. In 2014, the iPhone does not reset the clock from daylight saving time to winter. It happened with the iPhone iOS 7 and iOS 6, as a result, many users got up an hour earlier.

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