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iPhone 8 will receive advanced facial recognition instead of Touch ID and display ProMotion

In celebration of iPhone 8 Apple will refuse to fingerprint scanner Touch ID in favor of the advanced technology of facial recognition. this writes Bloomberg with reference to informed sources. It is also reported that the device will receive the adaptive refresh rate ProMotion, which you can see in the iPad Pro.

Through the use of technology facial recognition to unlock the iPhone 8 will be for several hundred milliseconds, specifies the edition. The system will operate even when the device lies on the table. Experts believe that the definition of the owner’s face is more reliable than Touch ID, as the smartphone is processing more data. It is noted that the function of 3D facial recognition can completely replace the Touch ID technology, including for the authorization of payments.

“The speed and accuracy of the sensor are the key criteria. Unlock will occur within a few hundred milliseconds. Function will work even when the device is lying on the table, and not just when it moves closer to the face. Until the technology is in the testing phase. However, according to a source, Apple is going to replace the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. A company representative declined to comment,” writes Bloomberg.

A similar feature debuted in the Galaxy S8, but to call it safe, as hackers have demonstrated ways to bypass. The smartphone managed to unlock, even using printed photo.

Sources indicate that Apple’s solution will be more secure due to the 3D capabilities of the camera. That is to unlock the iPhone using the normal picture will not work.

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The past few months, sources claim that Apple is looking for an alternative to Touch ID because of the difficulties of integration biometric module to the display. Went the assumption that the scanner will move to the rear panel, but the final Apple’s decision remains unknown. Fresh leaks indicate that the iPhone 8 is deprived of the Home button, this means that Touch ID is either under the screen or none.

In addition, it is reported that the screen of iPhone 8 is to technology ProMotion, first introduced in new to 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the last month. When necessary, screens ProMotion is able to be updated with higher frequency, which dramatically reduces image blur, especially when scrolling. In other situation, the frequency will reduce to conserve the battery.

According to the source, to control screen ProMotion, as well as tasks associated with artificial intelligence (image recognition) will be a separate chip Neuro Engine from Apple.

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