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IPhone 8 will look to mute notifications

IPhone 8 you should see the sensor face recognition, which will be used not only to unlock the smartphone.

According to iOS developer Guillermo Rumbaugh (Guilherme Rambo), the new scanner will be used also to disable notification sounds with just a look. Probably, the system will determine whether the user looks at the screen and mute the sound if the smartphone owner sees the notice. In his Twitter account Rumbaugh reported that the HomePod firmware is the piece of code responsible for this function.

What @jsnell talked about on the last @_upgradefm is true: the iPhone will suppress notification sounds if you’re looking at it

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 8, 2017

However, this does not mean that such a possibility will be implemented now. Apple could test this feature, however, release its hold until next year, first looking at how the facial recognition system will handle the unlocking of your smartphone.

As for mute notification glance, the most likely function you can customize on your own. The user can leave a notification sound and listen to it no matter he is holding the smartphone in hand and watching the screen or not.

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