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iPhone 8 will glass: users are tired of metal smartphones

In 2017 Apple will return to the design of the iPhone 4 and 4s and will again use the glass enclosure of their smartphones. Recently stated by the CEO of the company Catcher Technology, which produces devices for Apple details. The reasons for this decision told reporters PhoneArena.

In the publication are confident that now the market has become too much metal smartphones. Even models of medium and low price range the once-made of premium material. Gradually in the eyes of consumers, the aluminium is no longer perceived as something special. Journalists called the aluminum “new plastic”.

The survey conducted among the readers of the resource, showed that with this thesis I agree more than 65 percent of the users. The first steps in an attempt to stand out from the crowd made by Samsung, which released its flagship smartphone with glass on the front and rear housing parts.

The last four generations of iPhones have an aluminum body. Glass is used only in front, to protect the matrix display. Apple decided to change the design of their smartphones in 2017 in order to revive sales.

The company will return for iPhone glass housing, as it was in iPhone 4/4s. In these devices and the front and rear of the case entirely closed plate glass Gorilla Glass. According to Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff PU, the decision to change the design took Apple CEO Tim cook on declining iPhone sales. A new device in the glass envelope will be more attractive and therefore will be able to increase the demand.

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It is known that in this year a new iPhone will retain the design, obtaining improvements on the hardware level. But in 2017 the world may surprise anniversary new smartphone iPhone 8. He needs to obtain all-glass design, waterproof performance and a number of other expected features.

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