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iPhone 8 will be released in September, but in limited quantities

Every year in September Apple introduces the new iPhone model. According to insiders, the company will not change its tradition and in this time, but presents three smartphones – the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. The latter, according to experts of Barclays, will be released along with two other models, but will be on the market in limited quantities.

Source denies reports of delay in launch of the iPhone 8. Earlier it was reported that the launch of a radically new model, called the iPhone X, iPhone Pro and iPhone Edition may be delayed due to manufacturing challenges.

One of the main innovations of the group in addition to the OLED screen should be a new 3D camera — it supposedly rooted problems. Edition iGeneration wrote that STMicroelectronics, which produces sensors, 3D cameras, do not have time to put the required number of components by September of this year.

“Suppliers generally positive in relation to iPhone 8 (according to our forecasts will be released iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone Pro), because new features means a more complicated manufacturing process and higher ASP. We expect that all three devices will receive support wireless charging and will come in the usual September period, although the iPhone Pro can be in short supply in the fourth quarter.”

As for the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus, which should be announced together with the brand new iPhone 8, according to rumors, they are not the most significant updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Their mass production will start in July. And it will allow Apple to stock up on the necessary number of smartphones for their September release.

Build iPhone 8 will begin later in September and October, when it will begin selling the device will be in short supply. Apple is expected to start deliveries in full volume by the beginning of the festive season.

According to preliminary information, iPhone 8 gets a 5.8-inch display with built-in fingerprint scanner and glass building, which will be used “teardrop” design as the original Apple smartphone. Among the innovations of mobile sources call Apple’s A11 support wireless charging and 3D camera capable of facial recognition. 8 the cost of the iPhone for the first time may not exceed $1,000.

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