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iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary function that does not exist in any Android smartphone

Rumors of 5.8-inch iPhone 8, which Apple will release this fall, argue that the device will receive a frameless OLED display and a new 3D camera, which will replace the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Indirect confirmation of this information was known KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to Kuo, the new iPhone 8 will be equipped with “revolutionary” front camera and infrared laser module which will read the space in front of the smartphone. This system will be used to identify the owners of the iPhone, as well as a new generation of mobile games that “will be able to replace the character’s head the head of the user.”

It is noted that technology used in the iPhone 8, is developed by the company PrimeSense, which Apple acquired in 2013, and Lumentum firm specializing in 3D sensors. Built-in sensors of the future smartphone, including a 1.4-megapixel infrared module will allow you to determine the depth of the space in front of the device to recognize faces. Technology will find application in the new software with functions of augmented reality, the user authorization system and will help to improve the quality of the photography.

Waiver of a fingerprint scanner in favor of a new system of biometric identification will allow to forget about the problem broken Touch ID in the case that the owner touches the iPhone with a wet finger, points out the analyst. Also with facial recognition unlocking your smartphone will be possible even when wearing gloves. Face recognition is considered a more reliable method of identification, and this may affect the pace of implementation by banks and shops to support payment system Apple Pay.

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In a research note KGI noted that the 3D-scanner can find application in other fields, including augmented reality. The expert believes that Apple will release the scanner API for developers that will allow them to create new applications.

It is expected that in 2017, when the iPhone turns 10, the device will receive a new glass case and a large OLED display, occupying almost the entire front panel of the smartphone. OLED screens twice more expensive than that used in the current LCD models, in addition the smartphone will have more RAM. This leads to the fact that the cost of the iPhone for the first time will exceed $1000, according to the resource.

The iPhone 8 will be a touch Home button that will only appear on the screen. Key, which was an essential attribute of Apple devices since 2007, will replace the “virtual button”. Display “iPhone 8” would take the entire front surface of the device from edge to edge, so room for individual keys simply will not.

About the plans of Apple to deny iPhone Home button not so long ago, reported by the authoritative edition of Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.

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