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iPhone 8 smartphone dreams: this will be the anniversary of the flagship Apple [gallery]

Latvian blogger Benjamin Gaskin posted rendernye image iPhone 8, based on the models of the upcoming Apple flagship. According to the insider, the model sent to him by a friend who got them at the Chinese factory Foxconn, where the testing of the “Apple” news.

The images shows the new premium smartphone from Apple, which will be presented this fall. Camera with a stylish design equipped with a metal frame, which both sides of the cover glass panel. iPhone 8 is characterized by the display “edge to edge” with integrated fingerprint scanner.

On the back cover located updated dual camera with a vertical arrangement of modules. According to the insiders, this change is needed to create content, augmented and virtual reality.

The source denied rumors that the iPhone 8 will receive a biometric module on the back side. Instead, Apple will embed the fingerprint scanner Touch ID into the screen, or it will use other mechanisms for user authentication such as iris scanner eye.

IPhone presentation will be held in September at the annual Apple event, but sales will start in October or November of this year. A smartphone for the first time will get OLED-display, which is 5.8 inches.

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