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iPhone 8 Plus shoots video better than Galaxy Note 8

Publication CNET compared the iPhone’s camera 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in movie mode and found the leader.

The journalists decided to start testing with comparison of speed of auto-focus, adjust exposure and color. Picture received with the iPhone 8 Plus, was richer and more “alive”. On the technical side, Note 8 performed better, making the picture lighter, but it looks “flat”.

Galaxy Note 8 left, 8 right iPhone Plus

When changing the focus Note 8 was faster, but if when taking a photo, the AF speed is a critical indicator, a quick video change of focus looks too harsh. iPhone 8 Plus changes the focus to slower, from what the video looks more cinematic.

Galaxy Note 8 left, 8 right iPhone Plus

Note 8 also performed well when shooting in motion. Combined stabilizer provide maximum smoothness of the video.

iPhone 8 won when shooting under extreme lighting conditions. For example, while recording video in the dark image taken with an iPhone, turned out to be a bit darker, but more natural and clearer.

Galaxy Note 8 left, 8 right iPhone Plus

“We Note that it is necessary to take into account the AMOLED display menu of the device. When you watch videos on YouTube, it looks saturated and bright compared to the iPhone, but everything changes, when viewed both entries on one screen,” said CNET.

Galaxy Note 8 left, 8 right iPhone Plus

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, was presented on 12 September in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”. Apple also introduced the Apple Watch and third-generation Apple TV 4K.

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