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iPhone 8 Plus. Beginning

The history of the smartphone, which no luck.

This 8 Plus. Mediocre video, you can say, has managed to share a birthday with futuristic and much more promising iPhone Phablet X. she was grown up unloved child. What he was capable of — “ten” knows more: the same processor, camera and a dozen talents. Is that fingerprint is the flagship of scans… And not for sale.

In the iPhone 8 Plus

But 8 Plus already in stores (albeit in Russian, not quite yet officially). In the native: the case friend, and the Home button responds happily. The glass panel is back to protect the rear of the case — how happy are probably Apple fans time jobs and 4S.

But next to the glossy old man iPhone 7 space grey fade. Let growing up change more practical (fingerprints are not as noticeable), but what about style? As a departure from the dullness in the classics? What are you, Apple?

8 iPhone Plus and iPhone 7

There is good news: glass sandwiches came out less slippery than jet black “seven” — if someone wears a naked iPhones.

Fun fact: on the American “eights” there is no inscription Designed by Apple in Сalifornia. Assembled in China. But MacDigger from the Apple store Jesus came clearly not American — even the adapters are “painted”.

A little bit of magic Apple

Initial start-up “plus” caused a little more emotion than a documentary about snails — well all know each other. But then the screen was covered with hundreds of blue dots in motion (it is now repetitive and boring animation) — they are something like a QR code to quickly copy settings. Need to catch “the flock” camera of the old iPhone.

Enter the password of the Wi-Fi was not necessary. Regret about migrating to iOS is unlikely to have #lubbockites.

So, for those who missed all our news about the “eights”, that’s the main news:

  • A11 Bionic (“such a smart and powerful processor the iPhone has never been” — say on the Apple website).
  • Display with True Tone (white color on the screen goes into warm or cool colors, adapting to the environment).
  • Wireless charging (standard Qi).
  • Filters Studio lighting (and new camera).


Deepest respect cupertinos the bouncers that every presentation of the food fables “the new chip is better all the same”, but. Games and heavy pages Plus 8 ran for a split second (Yes, second) faster SE (remember the difference in resolution!). Rendering character animations in Monument Valley on the phablet looks really advantageous, but it is again compared to the SE. The owners of “sevens” will need very good eyesight to see the difference, and a good reason to upgrade.

After the test in Antutu 8 Plus flared at the top (near the camera), but quickly cooled down. By the way, Antutu:

True Tone
Will be one of those things that seems to be not critical, but should move to a smartphone, where this is not — immediately obvious how unpleasant the eye always cold screens.

8 Plus smartly adjusts the lamp with adjustable colour temperature from Xiaomi. No worse than the summer of iPad Pro.
Camera and filters in portrait mode
The author of the Tech Crunch all the story about the iPhone 8 was reduced to a single point — obviously what. In DxOMark called phablet best mobile camera on the market. And if you want to upgrade to a smartphone, but a new generation doesn’t seem appealing — you need to go to the nearest supermarket, to take up senior iPhone and start the camera. The alternative is to just search blogs of photographers and to see how this gorgeous Plus knows how to shoot.

Time for a full test was not, but in speed shooting, the colors and their correspondence to reality (especially with flash) is the best iPhone available, all the way.

Flash photography

Approximation x2,2 light table lamp.

Shooting at night

Front camera iPhone 8 Plus

By the way, in the memory device now will get more photos: from iOS 11 “sevens” and “eights” store images in a new format — HEIC.

Filters for portraits — the “killer feature” for which you need to look in the direction of the 5.5-inch model.

You can select the effect when recording or edited later, or go back to the original. Whatever.

Modes portrait photos in the iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Daylight;
  • Studio light;
  • Contour light;
  • Stage light;
  • Stage light mono.

Both “stage lights” dim background, sometimes losing parts (most often suffer from hair). With “non-human”, nothing good happened. But the feature is in beta — a bit of patience.

Beautiful portrait mint ice cream failed

Another fun fact: the photos on 8 Plus tightened in the gallery of my iPhone SE with lighting filters — and there they too can edit. When exporting to other devices the system displays the plate “Portrait”, but the buttons to correction mode.

Portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus: stage light — mono

You asked

Louder sound if speaker?

Louder and bataviae. In complete with headphones — anything supernatural.

Go with the iPhone 7?

Only if Plus. For the sake of the camera.

How much is being charged from wireless charging?

It was not possible to test. The wired turned out 18% within 30 minutes.

Real-time work?

Berserker mode (game, player, benchmark, social media, camera and browser) left 15% per hour.

How smooth the glass goes into the hull on both sides? With a noticeable plastic layer, or as the Apple Watch (the glass is fully seated in the metal without the plastic rim)?

No thick plastic interlayer. Well-cut and symmetrical.

How is it better or worse 7 Plus?

Better camera and flash, speakers, performance, wireless charging.
Worse — the glass case. Glass beats, even if on the Apple website claim that there is nothing stronger for their smartphones.


P. S. the Latest rumor is that the “tenth” iPhone will go on sale in the winter, and even in modest volumes, make quite different to look at other models in the lineup, especially at 8 Plus.

P. P. S. And the iPhone 8 Plus is waiting for you in

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