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iPhone 8 might bring Apple its first trillion dollars

Next month Apple will unveil three new smartphones, the cost of which will vary in the range of $900 — $1,100. This price of flagship will allow Apple to earn his first trillion dollars.

According to the notification of the analytical company of MarketWatch, despite the upcoming release of the iPhone in September and a decline in demand for last year’s smartphone models, Apple continues to earn on their sale. Since the announcement of the results of the third fiscal quarter of the company Tim cook has already increased its gross income by $56 billion.

According to experts, the iPhone 8 will launch the so-called “super-cycle” sales, allowing Apple to become the first company in the market, earn a trillion dollars.

“Apple can make a trillion dollars, and even to cross this mark in the next 12-18 months. We note that earnings growth is associated with several directions of company’s activity”, — the report says analysts.

Expert RBC Capital Daryanani Amit (Amit Daryanani) said that profit growth will increase the share value of Apple at $32-35 per share. In this case, the value of securities of a Corporation will rise from $160 to $192-195 per share.

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