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iPhone 8 in maximum configuration can cost Russia 100 000 rubles

The autumn release of the new iPhone 8 is getting closer, the leaks and predictions are all accurate. This time, the network appeared information about the cost released a new anniversary of the Apple in the base and maximum configurations.

Previously, the iPhone 8 in the U.S. will cost at least a thousand dollars. Well-known journalist John Gruber of Daring Fireball suggested that the initial cost of the device will be $1200, and the maximum configuration will reach $1300 or $1400.

“According to our forecasts, the price of the flagship this year will be the highest in the history of Apple smartphones. The price of iPhone 8 will exceed $1000,” he writes.

This price is justified from account value current flagship of Apple, says Gruber. Now the cost of a 256-Gigabyte iPhone 7 Plus maximum configuration is $969. Same price is expected for the updated model iPhone 7s Plus, which will be released together with “eight”.

Given that the iPhone 8 will receive the newest and advanced technology, including a new OLED display and a 3D scanner for facial recognition, its cost will be significantly higher “updated” flagships. And given the complexity of the manufacturing for Apple to significantly increase the cost of the iPhone 8 is the only way to avoid shortage of smartphones.

“$1500 for the basic version will be too expensive. But I guess $1200 is the most possible option for the model in the minimum configuration, but $1300 or $1400 for a top modifications,” says Gruber.

Taking into account the Russian realities of the smartphone market and the dollar, we can assume that the ruble price of iPhone 8 in the basic configuration will be 85 000. 245-Gigabyte model based on the rate and commercial allowances can do to the Russian fans of Apple in 100 000 rubles. And that’s without the traditional markups “grey” retailers in the days after the start of sales.

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It is expected that the iPhone 8 will officially present to the public on 17 September, and on sale the eighth model will go on the end of the month or in October.

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